Cold plastic “Accent”

Cold plastic “Accent” applied manually or using special marking equipment.

Cold plastic “Accent-M” applied using special marking equipment.

Cold plastic “Accent” is a high-solid two-component system cured by peroxide compounds. It is distinguished by increased wear resistance.

Instruction for use


Относительная влажность воздуха не более 85%

Температура воздуха

Температура воздуха от +5°С до +35°С

Температура покрытия

Температура дорожного покрытия не ниже +5°С и не выше +45°С

Color Density Brightness Description Photo


1,9-2,1 87-92

Нorizontal road marking



1,9-2,1 51-56

Нorizontal road marking

Purpose: Spray cold plastic “Accent” is used for marking of all categories of motor roads: on cement-concrete and asphalt-concrete surfacing, parking lots, pedestrian crossings, motor roads with heavy traffic and high transport loads.

Warranty period: 12 months from the date of manufacture.

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